Monday, 7 April 2014

NEW IN: March 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014
Why hello here April, my favourite month! Today I'll show you the products I got in March and will keep me warm company throughout these short 30 days before the horrible May and June arrive. I am not looking forward to those fifteen exams. 

I have to start out with the cutest bunch. I bought another Rimmel Apocalips (shade Celestial) from Maja and it is the most wearable colour ever! There had been a rave around these and then people started criticising them... I still love mine (shade Big Bang reviewed here), though I understand why people aren't impressed after everybody set the expectations so high. Back to my haul; Maja also used this occasion to hand her BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic eyeshadow palette over to me, after claiming she neglects it too much and she knew where it would be properly loved so thank you, Maja! I really want to do a special blog series with this baby, I'm open for any suggestions! On the note of friends giving me stuff (gosh I feel so bad about that), Živa, probably my favourite Slovenian blogger, also wanted to clear her perfume shelf a bit and gave me three of her neglected bottles. Can we stop here for a second and acknowledge just how cute that cupcake packaging is! It also smells de-li-ci-ous so you really can't beat it. It's by Alice & Peter and I now want to try every scent from the collection (I think there's five "cupcakes") and order another one♥. Živa also gave me an Yves Rocher scent and that "I'm too cool to stand up straight" bottle which I don't know the name of (it came with a sort of a tassel around it's neck but I managed to ruin that on day 1, obviously), but both smell really nice as well. Thank you for all three, Živa! In the middle of all that glass is another gorgeous packaging - this Oriflame lipstick has been provided to me in exchange for a review and it's a good thing I've already taken photos because I use it so much lately I'm afraid I'm going to run out. 

Next I have some essentials. Cosmetic tissues and q-tips (which I always regret including in my haul photos, but eh) - I swear someone eats these, one cannot possibly use that much! I got a Balea spray deodorant which I never like using as an actual deodorant, but in the warmer months, I use my regular deodorant and then spray myself all over with a spray one; I feel like it sets everything in place (Like a setting face powder! No? No.) and makes me smell extra good. The Balea shimmery lotion is another quite pointless one - if you think smelling good and shimmering underneath the warm spring sun in pointless! Alverde face wash, do I really need to say it? It's probably in my every haul and I do not intend on stopping repurchasing it. Now the two LUSH Dream Cream (review here) jars were actually not for me, but I wanted to show you just how much my entire family is hooked on this stuff. I'm probably in the LUSH store every week, getting a jar (or two, or three) of this for them and frankly, I'm surprised that the shop assistant hasn't asked any questions yet. He must think I reallllly love this stuff, ha!

I'm really embarrassed about the photo above, but when I realised just how crappy it is, it was already too late to retake it *hides*. I got two Alverde lip liners (#Soft Red and #Aubergine) and do you see how the red one is a bit longer? Well these came like that and I didn't notice it before taking photos, I guess that's what they do in stores, just sharpen them lip pencils like it's no big deal. Ugh. I also got my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (wearing it here) that is actually a tad bit dark still, but I'm confident I can make it work and sunnier days are ahead of us anyways. I also got this Alverde kabuki brush which is a poor excuse for a kabuki, but I don't mind having an extra powder brush in my collection, this one is super soft. There are also a couple of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ samples in the corner there and I've already used all three of them up - review soon in my special post about samples! 

This Stenders package came just before Women's Day and it was such a lovely surprise! I won't review these separately since I gave the bath bomb away due to now owning a bath tub *sob* and the soap, only in a different scent, is already reviewed here. There was also a lovely heart-shaped strawberry chocolate in the bunch, but of course that was well gone in time of taking this photo. You could see it on my Instagram account though (@NusaPavlic). 

I got a buttload of samples in my mail (what you see on the picture ain't even a glimpse of it) and I'll actually start a blog post series dedicated just to those, I have to put them to some kind of use, right? The essence Cookies & Cream products (hand cream, eyeshadow, blush, nail file; reviewed here) and the Maybelline Color Tattoo (#Pink Gold) I technically got on the April 1st, but decided to include them anyways since the reviews are already published and stuff. Last but not least is this jar of Garnier Fructis hair mask for damaged hair; I tried to satisfy my locks with a hair mask for coloured hair (seen here), but that just didn't work. I use this baby as my everyday hair conditioner now and I'm pretty happy, although I'm always open to suggestions about amazing conditioners/masks.

I'm sorry for rambling on so much, I always feel like I need to tell the story behind each and every product and this is the outcome. Hope you enjoyed it nevertheless and feel free to share with me links to your latst haul post!



  1. Odlični izdelki:) Jaz tudi ne vem kaj bi naredila s testerji:) Pa še težko jih porabim, ker jih vedno želim ohraniti cele, sploh če mi je nekaj zelo všeč:))

  2. O meni je ful hudo braz te objave, same se jih pa raje ne spravim delat, ker na koncu ugotovim, da preveč nakupujem pa še izdelke ponavadi takoj sprobam in jih raznosim okoli, pa nimam vedno vsega doma :D
    Maš pa tolk kul pridobitve, ta Garnier maska je super!

  3. wow so many products, and such a good review!

  4. So Elixir Purple je eden mojih najljubših parfumov. :)


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