Saturday, 5 April 2014

Grey's Gras glitter nails

Saturday, 5 April 2014
I try to be clever with my titles but sometimes the odds are just everything but in my favour. Anyway, I had this mani stashed on my computer for ages and I just didn't get around to posting it - in fact, if you follow me on Instagram (@NusaPavlic) or Facebook (, you might have seen this before, forgot about it, and are now having a faint deja-vu. Ha!

This is two coats of Catrice Grey's Kelly (at least they are doing a good job at witty titles), followed by a single coat of piCture pOlish Mardi Gras (blue and purple glitter). The glitter topper needs no top coat, the quality of these polishes is just amazing - super shiny (I've actually had trouble taking photos of this mani due to reflecting particles), fast drying and they definitely last longer than my usual lacquers! ♥

I should also mention that the piCture pOlish bottle (along with about a gazillion other beauties) was kindly given to me by the amazing Nihrida - I'd say go check her blog out, but I'm the small fish here really. 

Which piCture pOlish shade is your favourite or the highest on your wishlist?



  1. Oooo... so pretty! :D A mogoče veš kje se dobijo piCture pOlish?

    1. Sadly I don't know about any websites that would carry piCture pOlish and ship to Slovenia, but I'm sure you can snatch some bottles off of eBay / Amazon! :)

  2. Res lepo skupi pašeta ta dva lakca <3

  3. Ful zanimiva kombinacija, ki deluje skupaj! :) Všeč mi je.


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